There always are things you can try yourself before creating a ticket or while you are waiting for us to answer your ticket.

Read the item documentation first

Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered in supporting documentation such as FAQ's and comments from previous buyers. We also make sure that all of the items sold on Envato Market have documentation included so always check the included information and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then consider whether the author might be able to help.

You can find documentation links here:
We place solutions and FAQ answers on our site on a regular basis under the FAQ section of the main menu:

Turn on the debug mode in your WordPress!

If you have read the documentation supplied with the theme and did not find a solution there try to get as much debug information as possible, you may encounter a solution to your problem while doing that, also collection debug information will shorten the response time from our support team because you will provided all the info they need to help you.

To enable debug mode in WordPress open your wp-config.php file ( resided in the WordPress root folder ) find this:

define( 'WP_DEBUG', false );

change it to 

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

save the file.

You can read more about turning on WP_DEBUG mode here:

Now when you refresh the page you may see errors or warnings if there are any. 

Next check if the problem remains if you switch to default WordPress theme (twentyseventeen)

Finally, make sure your hosting requirements meets the requirements to run e-Commerce site.

It is most preferred to use PHP 7.X hosting.

If none of that helped, open a ticket and supply all the debug information you have collected so far with your purchase code that you have received from envato (themeforest), your envato username, wp-admin and FTP access info. By providing us with temporary access info to your site (temporary, because you need to change passwords after we are done helping you to ensure best possible security) you allow us to do whatever we think is necessary on your site to help. This may include deactivating plugins, switching themes etc. This is important, because, although we do our best to be as careful with your sites as possible, issues can still happen, and there are some changes that something can be broken. That is why you always have to have sufficient backups before asking us to do something on your site.

If you have a problem with contact form on your site, please read this article:

PS: We consider a customisation any request to change something within the theme that is beyond default functionality on that matter please read this: